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You’re setting up a Web site for a new marketing division of your company. It’s a small, innovative marketing team that will be experimenting with some new customer relationship building techniques, and the Web site is expected to play a key role in this process. Your company’s VP of Marketing is checking in with you for updates on the site’s deployment.


You mentioned in your email update that the site is fully built and ready for beta testing. How can I access the site?


We’ve not yet made the site publicly available, but you can go directly to its SelectIP addresstransport addressnetwork addressnode addressItem 1 , which I’ll send you in an email. Just enter that information directly in your browser’s address bar.


I didn’t know you could go directly to a Web site like that. How does that work?


Normally, of course, you’d enter the Web site name, and the router would have to figure out how to find the Web server’s address. This way, the router just has to check its Selectrouting tablepacketprotocolremote serverItem 1 for information on what to do with that address.


If that address is all the information needed for Internet users to find our servers, how can we protect other servers in our network, especially those that hold sensitive company information?


There are many layers of security in place to prevent that from happening. One of the most important isSelectsegmentationstatic routesdynamic routesn-tier architectureItem 1 , where we can isolate portions of our network for privacy.

Your office manager has come to you with a problem getting a new employee’s tablet connected to the network. Your company maintains a BYOD policy, and employees frequently choose to use their own devices to maximize their mobility during the workday and availability in their off hours.

Office manager:

Regina’s tablet won’t connect to the company network. I can’t figure out how to make it find the right login page.


It looks like her tablet is connected to her cell phone provider’s Selectmobile networkwireless networklocal area networkWiMAX networkItem 1 . We need to switch this over to our local Wi-Fi.

Office provider:

But her cellular provider gives Internet access. So how does switching to Wi-Fi help us?


First of all, our Wi-Fi will almost definitely give her better SelectthroughputrangevoltagemobilityItem 1 than the cell network. But also, connecting to our Wi-Fi is the easiest way to access our authentication server so she can sign into our network and access our company resources.

Office manager:

That makes sense about accessing the network authentication server—I didn’t even think about that. But Regina’s tablet is Select5G4GBluetoothCDMAItem 1 capable, so it might actually be a step down for her on performance.


That’s a good point—at least until we update our Wi-Fi to the latest speeds. Until then, we’ll set her up for remote access so she can use her cell network whenever she wants.

Trevor is setting up a Wi-Fi network in a small office for access by staff and customers. Customer access needs to be separate from staff access, and all network access needs to be secured.

What setting should Trevor change to ensure no one else can make changes to the network configuration?

a. Router password
c. Firmware version
d. Wi-Fi password

Trevor can set a separate SelectSSIDencryptionkeyMAC addressItem 1 for the customer Wi-Fi network that requires a different, less secure password.

What kind of security technology should Trevor configure for both networks to provide optimal data protection?

a. WEP
b. WPA2
c. WPA
d. MAC filtering


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