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Learning Outcomes The Semester Paper will test the following learning outcomes for the module: • Identity ground and flight deck technology contributing in Aviation Safety Task Overview of the task AIR TRAFFIC SAFETY SYSTEMS 1. Explain the basic components of the ATC system and ATC services available 2. Discuss the advantages of GPS and satellite-based navigation and explain the purpose of the WAAS GPS augmentation systems 3. Give examples of recent operational planning improvement programs, 4. What are the key components of the en route occanic ATC system? 5. Describe the general features of the NextGen Air Transportation System and Describe what you believe to be the most important of the NextGen backbone programs and express why you made the choice Format • Report and Vaiva . Please check the Assessment Booklet Discuss about protection from Intentional Harm (Security) • Explain the difference between security and safety with examples and describe the international response to terrorism by ICAO and the world community.


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