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The IHMC is composed do medicine and health sciences, a 150 bed tertiary care hospital and full time clinical faculty. The major selling point of continues quality improvement was its philosophical underpinnings. IHMC administrators quickly realized that the transformation would require a major commitment form top management . They also realized that the management team would face a challenge translating the organization’s philosophy into a clear vision of what a quality transformation would require. The following initiated TQM in IHMC: · The healthcare services, which were good old time, barely meet the requirement of today and will adequate tomorrow. Customers need to continue increase demands in services. · In the age of technological revolution in medical, customers expected speedy response to their queries and services. · Employee involvement in quality improvement was not to the desired levels. There was resistance to change among them to suit the changing business environment. This resistance needed to be reduced in order to ensure better employee indolent. · The management was satisfied with the prevailing levels of quality. This satisfaction arose out of comparing the present performance with the previous year’s performance, instead of the performance expected customers. · The present hospital quality program is based on the evolution of departmental practices against establish the standards. The focus is therefore on subsystem with the hospital quality control programmed essential the sum of all departments program. · The standards, which have been set, are by medical officers, not the patients, and thus they create a mismatch between the user needs and the services provided. Furthermore, the set standards tend to remain static, so that improvement occurs within a limited range over a period of the time.

question: As a quality consultant with this hospital, develop a quality transformation model. (make assumptions as required)


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