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This approach uses the Logical Framework as the basis for the project design, and establishes the quantifiable monitoring indicators against the objectives and measures the qualitative results against assumptions, risks and stakeholders. Build a result based monitoring and evaluation system i.e. results based M&E manual) (i.e. follow the ten steps) based on the attached FPCCIA logical framework. Federation of Palestinian Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Project: Establishing a National help Desk targeting MSMEs Outputs Indicative output indicators Data Source Baseline Target Value Year Year 1 Year 2 Total Output 1: A coherent, comprehensive, and relevant National MSME Helpdesk scheme established National MSME helpdesk set up, including relevant legislation and agreements Agreement, press release – 2020 1 1 # of toolkits, guidelines and training material for MSMEs recovery developed and/or harmonized Reporting, guidelines TBD 2020 15 15 # of MIS developed or updated System reports – 2020 1 Virtual helpdesk established and utilized Online Platform – 2020 1 Output 2: MSMEs operational and productive capacities enhanced towards repurposing and transforming business practices and/or model #. of MSMEs (% of women-led MSMEs) that have accessed the helpdesk Reporting, help desk documents – 2020 4,000/30% 2,000/30% 6,000/30% # of MSMEs (% of women-led MSMEs) engaged in group training/individual mentoring by the helpdesk Beneficiary/ Helpdesk documents – 2020 600/30% 300/30% 900 # of MSMEs accessing helpdesk experts’ roster Beneficiary/ Helpdesk documents – 2020 300 200 500 % of targeted MSMEs with improved technical capacities for recovery Beneficiary survey, reporting TBD 2020 70% 70% 70% % of MSMEs with improved business models and strategies to adapt to emerging market needs Beneficiary survey, training attendance TBD 2020 70% 70% 70% % of targeted MSMEs with improved know-how and capacities to adapt business practices to improve workplace conditions and health and safety measures in light of COVID-19 Beneficiary survey, field visits TBD 2020 70% 70% 70% Output 3: MSMEs access to funding opportunities supporting business and workplace transformation enhanced # of MSMEs (% of women-led MSMEs) engaged in group training/individual mentoring by financial services hubs Beneficiary helpdesk documents – 2020 200 400 600 % of MSMEs with improved know-how and capacities to develop business plans, manage cashflow and apply to funding opportunities Beneficiary survey, field visits TBD 2020 70% 70% 70% % of MSMEs reporting ease of access to funding opportunities to support business adaptation Beneficiary survey, helpdesk database TBD 2020 60% 60% 60% Output 4: Inclusive and responsive policies supporting business transformation and competitiveness developed and implemented # of policies recommended/developed responding to MSMEs recovery and development needs Policy documents TBD 2020 3 3 6 Policy recommendations to improve business enabling environment adopted by GoP Policy documents TBD 2020 2 2 4


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