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Motel xizn is a multinational hotel brand with locations worldwide. The hotel has been recognised as one of the greatest places to work in the city. With its inventive human resources management practises, Xizn motel is distinguished from other hotels worldwide. xizn hotel leadership emphasised the importance of recruiting, attracting and keeping staff. The visitors would receive this staff with great service. The organisation has built a culture of high dedication, empowerment and client satisfaction. Whether the consumer stayed at Ray Homes in the USA or Singapore did not matter. Nevertheless, the staff engaged consistently with the visitor. Ray Homes acknowledged and rewarded team members who performed extremely well to encourage them to remain longer and make improvement. Over the years, xizn hotel has endeavoured to develop and improve its human resources practises. Management traditionally placed a priority on human resources to produce profitability. However, several analysts believe that xizn hotel is going to have a difficult time reconciling expansion with the brand. Do you believe that human resources management practises had a part in the success of Ray Homes? Consider which of the human resources approaches of Ray Homes you believe are the most successful. Analyze the state of affairs.


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