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Q In the basic EOQ model, if annual demand is 110, holding cost is $2.91 (per unit per year), and total inventory-related cost on the basis of EOQ is $390, the ordering cost per order (rounded to the next whole number) is a. 238 b. 195 c. 476 d. can not be determined

Q Six samples of five observations each have been taken for a process. The sample means and ranges computed (in minutes) are, (mean, range): (4.1, 0.55), (3.85, 0.62), (3.52, 0.4), (3.9, 0.79), (4.07, 0.42), and (4, 0.76). Compute the upper control limit a. 2.856 b. 2.465 c. 4.249 d. 4.19


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