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‘If the picture of another person in the same place also happens to be taken by anybody while taking the picture of any public place or any person, it shall not be deemed to be the offence unless it is used for some illegal purpose.’ This kind of activity is covered by

A. Data protection law

B. Cyber Law

C. The Privacy Act

D. Security Law

37. Electronic Transaction Act 2063 has provisions related to…………..

A. Data protection law

B. Cyber Law

C. The Privacy Act

D. Security Law

38. Is this statement true: ‘an employer cannot be guilty of discrimination if they only did the discriminatory act by accident’?

A. Yes, because it would not be sensible to find someone guilty of discrimination when he or she had no intention of discriminating.

B. It is sometimes true, but it depends upon how serious the discriminatory act is.

C. No, because it is not possible to discriminate by accident.

D. No, because there need be no intention to discriminate and motives are irrelevant.

39. What is meant by the phrase CSR?

A. Corporate Social Responsibility

B. Company Social Responsibility

C. Corporate Society Responsibility

D. Company Society Responsibility

40. What is Ethics to do with?

A. The wider community

B. Business

C. Right and Wrong

D. Nothing

41. A _________________ is defined as the lifelong aims, which an entity endeavor to achieve something.

A. Objectives

B. Goals

C. Vision

D. Mission

42. It is important for an organization to have a mission statement to:

A. inform stakeholders

B. set boundaries

C. allocate budget

D. ensure viability

43. ___ means communication without words.

A. Object communication

B. Written communication

C. Oral communication

D. Non- verbal communication

44. At each stage in the process of communication, there is a possibility of interference which may hinder the process. Such interference is known as ___.

A. Sender

B. Receiver

C. Barrier

D. none of them

45. Most of us use ___ and ___ in addition to words when we speak.

A. words and gestures

B. gestures and body language

C. body language and posture

D. posture and eye gazing

46. Which of the following is not considered a primary activity in the value chain framework?

A. Outbound logistics

B. Inbound logistics

C. Operations

D. Procurement

47. primary activities in the Hotel industry includes

A. facilities offered to guest

B. contacts with supplier that are delivering the food and beverage

C. The innovation and technology developed in the hotel industry.

D. the quality management

48. Guiding and supervising the efforts of subordinates towards the attainment of the organization ‘s goals describes the function of :

A. planning

B. organizing

C. directing

D. controlling

49. “Unity of Command” principle of effective direction means:

A. subordinates should be responsible to one superior

B. there should be unity amongst subordinates

C. there should be unity amongst superiors

D. a superior can supervise a limited number of subordinates

50. Main functions of administrative management are:

A. planning, organizing ,staffing, directing and controlling

B. planning ,organizing, directing and controlling

C. planning ,organizing, staffing and directing

D. planning, organizing, controlling and representation


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