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  1. The country of origin principle states that

Multiple Choice

  • the proper venue for a lawsuit against Americo, a U.S.-based corporation, would be France if the products sold by Americo injure a plaintiff in France.
  • the law applied to a lawsuit against Italco, a corporation based in Florence, Italy, would be U.S.-based law if products sold by Italco injure a plaintiff in the U.S.
  • the law applied to a lawsuit against Deutsch Manufacturing, a Berlin, Germany-based corporation, would be German law if Deutsch Manufacturing’s servers were located in Berlin.
  • the proper venue for a lawsuit would be in Canada if CanQuest, a company based in Toronto, produced their products there.

  1. Ahmed has a firm job offer from an accounting firm in San Jose, California. He is to start on August 1, 2021. He breaks his lease in Cleveland, moves to San Jose, finds a new apartment, and moves his furniture, He arrives at the accounting firm on August 1st and is told that because of the pandemic his services are not needed. Can he sue for breach of contract?

Multiple Choice

  • No because there was no consideration on his part,
  • No, because there is no contract. His services are not needed so he has no performance obligation.
  • Yes, based on the theory of anticipatory repudiation.
  • Yes, based on the theory of promissory estopel.
  1. In which of the following cases would diversity of citizenship jurisdiction be exercised?

Multiple Choice

  • Rutger, a private party from Massachusetts, is suing Benjamin, a private party from Pennsylvania, in Pennsylvania federal court for $90,000.
  • Roger, a private party from Delaware, is suing PeteCo, a corporation from Ohio, for $1 million in Ohio state court.
  • Trisha, a private party from Texas, is suing the state of Texas in federal court for $100,000 for a violation of her civil rights.
  • Phillip, a private party from New Hampshire, is suing Conrad, a private party from Maine, for $80,000 in Maine state court.


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