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identify and make a provisional diagnosis of a client using a mental state examination

For this essay assignment, you are required to view a video of a mock client-therapist session. Based on the information provided in this video, you need to provide answers to the following 4 questions (Parts 1-4).
Video can be accessed HERE
Learning objectives:
After completing this essay assignment you should be able to:
identify and make a provisional diagnosis of a client using a mental state examination;
critically review and describe counselling skills required in dealing with a client presenting with psychological problems; and
demonstrate an understanding of professional standards and ethical considerations.
What is required?
A 2,000-word essay in PDF formatwritten in APA style containing Title Page, main body (Essay) and References. Please note that NO Abstract is required for this assessment task. The word limit starts at the first word of the main body of the essay and ends with the last word of the essay (i.e., it does not include the Reference list).
You should provide a clear heading for each section/part of the essay. Details of questions pertaining to each part is as follows:


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