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For the second reading report, the assignment focuses on the case study contained within Chapter 5, the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act.
For this assignment, after reading the chapter and the case study, you should write a short report addressing the following:
1. The role played by intergovernmental relations in the construction and passage of the NCLB Act, including the goals of the legislation;
2. The criticism faced by the NCLB as it pertains to both the Act’s effectiveness and its role in altering the intergovernmental dynamics between the states and the federal government; and
3. A brief statement of your view, opinion, or assessment of the effectiveness and constitutionality of the Act, based on what you’ve read or experienced.
Don’t forget to adhere to all writing guidelines (refer back to the syllabus if you need more information) and to turn in your assignment on time!


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