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Geography homework help

a. Below is list of scientific questions. For each questions state whether you think it is a problem that a geologist would solve and explain why or why not. Include questions that require geologist to team up with other scientists such as biologists or astronomers.

  1. What was the climate like a million years ago, and is it changing today?
  2. How often does a river flood, and what areas would be under water?
  3. What areas will be affected when a volcano next erupts?
  4. Where is the best place to drill for oil, and how much oil is available?
  5. Where does contamination go that is underground?
  6. Are glaciers shrinking or growing, and why?
  7. How fast could dinosaurs run?
  8. Was there life on Mars?

b. Two students are discussion what geologist do.
Student 1: I think geologist study rocks all over the world.  When they find rocks, geologist identify them and classify them based on their characteristics.
Student 2: I think geologist study Earth around us.  They are like detectives, trying to figure out what happened in the past and what will happen in the future.
With which student do you agree and why?


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