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English homework help

English homework help.
Contributing to the article above. You need to provide more information adding your personal point of view about whether or not your chosen article is of sufficient quality and relevance. Also whether the understanding of how the article is organized and what it is attempting to accomplish is clear and appropriate to you or not.  Add to the paper  to advance your own ideas, arguments, and original research about your topic for your final project paper.
The structure of your paper should be organized into 4 parts: Title, Introduction, Body, Conclusion, and Bibliography (Works Cited)
It’s far more important to focus on sourcing, with a minimum of five (5) verifiable sources.
Your paper is required to be a minimum of two (2.5) pages formatted double spaced, edited, and free of grammatical errors with at least five verifiable sources provided. Any citation formats can be used such as APA, MLA, or others if the standards are consistently applied throughout the paper.

English homework help


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