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Engineering homework help

Engineering homework help. Needs to be 4 to 5 pages of content,Case Study Assignment, of a historic or current issue.  1.       Define the problem, issue, or situation2.       Who is your audience, your boss, CEO, supervisor, manager etc, and whom is impacted3.       The process4.       Discovery of the solution5.       The solution6.       Implementation of the solution7.       ResultsThe case study will focus on a historic or current issue in your discipline. You will assess the issue and develop a plan for addressing it.  If you want to expand upon your Week 6 Discussion 1 topic into your paper, that is acceptable.  You have the choice.This could be, but does not have to be, an issue (operational, administrative, policy, training, standards, human resources, budget etc.) specific to your organization that is currently above your responsibility level.  Your paper should:Identify the leadership challenges in the public safety environment the issue presents, including identifying and discussing the ethical issues the case highlights.Discuss the leadership approaches, if any, that have been taken so far.Include a SWOT analysis of the issue.Discuss your analysis of the issue as a leader and present a leadership plan to address the issue.

Engineering homework help


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