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rked with Aramco Oil Company as an operator in their refineries. After finishing high school. I went to study Instrumentation and control engineering technology at Jubail industrial college. After I graduated and received my associate diploma, I Sought to start a Co-op in the Farabi petrochemical company, where I worked as an instrumentation technician in preventive maintenance. I spent four months in the company, and I got familiar with the work environment and the impact of the pollution that the company produced. Therefore, I decided to gain more knowledge by learning several methods, that might help the environment and reduce pollution. Therefore, I went to Gorge Brown College in Toronto, Canada to improve my oral English, while I was there I got introduced to a Volunteering Program where I became a volunteer Captin for the college I Was in. Also, I got certified to volunteer by Toronto city Hall where events like Nuit Blanche, and Toronto Open Doors…etc which have happened in the time I was there. After spending six months in Canada, I moved to St. Mary’s University in San Antonio Texas. where I to started my Bachelor of Science in Electrical engineering. I got familiar with alternative energy resources. Also, how the science of engineering could replace the Gas and Oil industries. where gas and oil are the main sources of environmental air pollutions. Moreover, I learned about the evolution of Electric Vehicles and the replacement of gas engined cars. Where some scientists predict fully transition by 2030. The two years that I spent at St. Mary University before I transfer to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, have shaped my character because of the number of leadership programs that I have attended. At UT of Chattanooga, I decided to choose the focus on the power system, where my studies focused more on subsystems and protective relaying. Even though, my focus was on the power system but, I took some classes in control and communication to expand my knowledge. After and before I graduate, I applied to too many graduate programs for masters and Ph.D.’s in different universities. But my main plan was to get accepted into the University of Michigan at Dearborn because of the campus diversity and it is ranked number 31 in Regional Universities Midwest 2021. I plan to start focusing my research on embedded systems or electric vehicles or control systems.


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