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is it correct?

Which of the following is NOTlikely to be an example of a product with an inelastic demand?





I chose Water. is it correct?

When the price of a pair of shoes is $80, 10 pairs are demanded. When the price of the pair of shoes is $60, 20 pairs are demanded. Using the initial value, the price elasticity of demand is ________ starting at a price of $80 and ________ starting at a price of $60.

3; 2

4; 3/2

2; 3

3/2; 4

I chose 3;2 is it correct?

Assume Sarah is a CPA who earns $85,000 a year and her favorite entertainment magazine costs her $15 a year. For her, the price elasticity of demand for the magazine is likely to be


perfectly elastic.

None of these


I chose None of these. is it correct?


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