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Homicide Assignment:


In class, we will be discussing various forms of homicide within the family. One of these was the killing of a child by a parent. As discussed in the lecture and the text, there are three different forms of parental killings:  neonaticide, infanticide, filicide. While they are rare in the US, we can likely all agree that the fact they happen at all is unacceptable. For this assignment, you are to come up with strategies to reduce parental killings.

  • For each of these three types of parental killings, identify a strategy or method that would reduce the likelihood of that type of killing.
  • Describe the strategy.
  • Discuss why you think this method/strategy would be effective given the specific type of parental killing.


Make sure you include at least TWO academic sources in your assignment.

Note: Assignments should be approximately 2 pages double spaced.



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