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Algebra homework help

Algebra homework help.
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Exercises 10 (2-page essay)
Essay (2 pages): What does ‘doing mathematics ethically’ mean to you? 
(Please see the –> longer description of the assignment <– and have a look at the resources that interest you.)
This question is an invitation to recognize the power you carry as a mathematician, and the privilege and responsibility that comes with it. When you enter a scientific career, you do not leave yourself at the door. You can choose how to use that power. My hope is that you will always continue to think about this in your work.
The essay is due Thursday Dec 17 at midnight. Please turn in a ~2-page long PDF file. (I intend to share a couple of the essays I receive on iLearn. I know this can be a bit more personal than other assignments, so if you would prefer that I don’t share yours, please say so.)
These are some of the resources we discussed in class today.

  1. A video on  How Cops Are Using Algorithms to Predict CrimesSee also the section on Predictive Policing in the link above for many more details.
  2. Here is a short video about Benetech 
  3. Here is a discussion of Benetech’s workclarifying the history of human right violations in Guatemala.
    4. Here is Maria De-Arteaga’s research on patterns of sexual violence in El Salvador. This is one of ten projects featured in the United Nations report on Gender Equality and Big Data from 2018.


Algebra homework help


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